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Lying Moods

“Our moods lie to us constantly. We shouldn’t take this mind and its opinions as our guide, because it doesn’t know the truth.” – From A Taste of Freedom by Ven. Ajanh Chah

This is something that all mature adults realize at some point. Sometimes our mind tells us that we’ll be happy if we follow its compass of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It says, “This feels good. Let’s have more!” or, “I don’t like this. Let’s do something else.” I can only imagine how disastrous my life would be if I were to follow this compass 100% of the time.

For me, this shows that my moods and thoughts are ultimately unreliable. If this is true, where may the truth be found? Ajahn Chah’s answer, according to his student Jack Kornfield, is in discovering “the one who knows.” Or perhaps we may discover the answer by contemplating the old Zen koan, “What is your original face before you are born?” However we choose to express it, the fact remains that our small sense of sense is just that — small. The truth, by comparison, is much bigger.



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