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Authenticity: Get Out of Your Head!

I’ve been doing some light research on authenticity lately. I’ve been listening to podcasts, reading articles, and practicing what they suggest. What I have discovered is that an organic sense of authenticity flows naturally from an individual as they learn to develop an awareness of their emotions and how they relate to their present bodily sensations.

It’s seems almost contradictory, doesn’t it? We usually evaluate truth claims esoterically in our minds, leaving emotion and bodily sensations out of the picture. But when it comes to expressing the truth of each moment as experienced by any individual, a strong awareness of one’s emotions and how they relate to present bodily sensations gives one the ability to speak and act from a place that resonates deeply with others, and also their own being. From this grounded place, one more naturally conveys what ‘is’ rather than what ‘should be’.

This is yet another reason why certain types of meditation can be transformative for all kinds of people. By simply making the time to be mindful, we can learn to become more embodied, and thus, live more authentically.


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