About this blog ~

I came up with the title for this blog after reading the following entry from The Diary of Søren Kierkegaard . . .

The New Proverb

“I really do believe that Lying is a science,” said the Devil; he was attending lectures at Kiel University.

This amused Bishop Mynster a great deal when I talked to him yesterday. I had it on my lips to say, but did not utter it, for then Mynster would have put the proverb in to circulation, which I rather wanted him to do; – I had it on my lips to say: “That is what I have always said: Lying is a science, Truth a paradox.”

So then, my reason for starting this blog is to discover truth – however paradoxical it may turn out to be.

About the author ~

My name is Jackson. I am licensed professional counselor and therapist practicing at a community mental health agency in Portland, OR.
As a dedicated meditation practitioner and mental health counselor, the ways in which meditative practices and evidence-based psychotherapies mutually support each other in fostering genuine and beneficial change are of great interest to me. Thus, meditation, psychology and psychotherapy are the main topics I explore on this site.